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Dear Partners and Developers,


The Samsung SMART TV team is pleased to release the Smart TV SDK 4.0.  This SDK provides developers with the tools they need to develop applications for the 2013 Smart TV Platform.  The toolset includes an Eclipse-based application editor, Visual Editor, debugger, and Smart TV Emulators for current and past TV platforms.  

The Mac OS X  and Linux platforms are now supported by the Samsung Smart TV SDK.  In addition to the Eclipse-based App Editor, a new Linux-based Emulator has been released.  This Emulator executes in an Ubuntu virtual machine that is run in the Virtual Box virtualization tool.

This release also marks the introduction of the Cloud Emulator.  The Emulator is hosted on a remote server that developers can connect to using a “thin client” Emulator on their development machine.  Currently, this feature is supported only on the Mac OS X platform.


■ [Editor]

   - Open Samsung Smart TV Semantic Service

   - Support for Mac OS X and Linux platforms

   - Full WYSIWYG code editing (visual editor and code editor are synced)

   - 6 new Visual Editor components (arrowbutton, hscrollbar, pageindicator, slidern, togglebutton, tooltip)

   - Smooth re-sizing of components

   - Web Inspector (debugger) support


■ Features for 2013 Platform on Windows

- Smart Interaction: Gesture events have been added (New HI (including Gesture) Simulator).

- Apps Framework

- 2013 App Engine (HTML5 Video/Audio, WebSocket, WebGL)

- UniPlayer

- SEF (Service Extension Framework)

- Convergence Framework

- OCI (Open Convergence Interface) : MIDI support

- MPEG Dash

- AllShare

- In-App Ads

- Flash 11.1

- Smooth Streaming

- Web Inspector support

- ATT (Automatic Test Tool) : User can record and playback input events for testing.


■ Features for 2013 Platform on Linux (First Release)

- Apps Framework

- App Engine / WebKit

- UniPlayer

- SEF (Service Extension Framework)

■ Features for 2013 Platform on Mac (First Release)

- Apps Framework

- App Engine / WebKit

- UniPlayer

- SEF (Service Extension Framework)

- Cloud Emulator client for Mac OS X



■ Getting the SDK

Developers creating applications for the 2013 platform are encouraged to use this latest SDK 4.0.

SDK 4.0 install file URL:

SDK documentation URL:


Best Regards,

Your Samsung Smart TV SDK Team