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Dear Partners and Developers,

The Samsung SMART TV team is pleased to release SDK 4.0 Beta.

Beginning with the SDK 4.0 Beta, the Eclipse IDE is the only IDE for Smart TV development.  

The Smart TV Eclipse IDE has been updated with a Visual Editor.

The SDK 4.0 Beta is the first release for the 2013 platform.


* No SmartHub is released in BETA version, so the functions which is handled by

SmartHub such as EXIT / RETURN will not work.

* Flash Player is not in the scope of this SDK4.0 Beta version.



■ Main Featuares in SDK 4.0 Beta

   - Microsoft Smooth Streaming support

   - Additional Eclipse Plugin Features : Visual Editor

   - ATT (Automatic Test Tool) : User can record and playback input events for testing.



■ Updated Features for 2013 Platform

   - Many S/Ws have been upgraded, and will be upgraded



■ Getting the SDK

Developers creating applications for the 2013 platform are encouraged to use this latest SDK 4.0 Beta.


SDK 4.0 Beta install file URL:


SDK documentation URL:


Best Regards,

Your Samsung Smart TV SDK Team