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It's possible to use native applications (Facebook/Twitter/Gtalk) from SmartTV, by other application? Like SocialTV. 

SocialTV can use or call other applications (Facebook/Twitter/Gtalk), but i don't know and i can't find information about that in Samsung Guide. I don't want to use SS0 and don't force user to give another time they user/password for the same service.

How i do that?

Thanks :D

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It is possible to access one app form another app by using the runsearchwidget() method but for this, you need the app id or package name for that particular app(the one which is to be run within).


 Attached is a sample code that use runsearchwidget() method to call an app within another app.


Refer the following link for more details:

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Hello! sol4query,

Thanks for your response. But now i have a different problem, what parameters accept facebook/twitter/gtalk app?

Maybe Samsung should open their aplications for make easier interaction with same (or only accept parameters with a few options).

Hahaha, well i will search more about that topic and thanks again.

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As per my knowledge, the parameters required are the App ID only and for that, I think you need to contact your local content manager.