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I just bought my New Samsung Smart TV UA32EH5300 and worked perfeclty fine for 2 days until it updated it's software version, now every time i try to use the Smart Hub and access the internet it gives me this error_model_bind, I tried the factory settings on the Smart hub didn't work also tried restarting modem, router and the TV but still didn't work. I tried setting up the network again and says that it's already connected.

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You need to upgrade your smart hub software version. Try reinstalling upgrade version either online or using USB.

If this does not fix your issue contact local subsidiary to resolve this.

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EXACTLY same error and issues as me.

If I knew what local subsidary was I would do the recommended next step.


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I'm getting the same thing.  Any App that requires an internet connection is giving me this error (error_model_bind; check network settings).  I check the network connections to my wireless network and it say's they are fine.  It get's an ip address and dns numbers from my router but it still comes back with the same error.  All other devices on my wireless network are working fine.  I've also powered off the TV, reset the settings to factory defaults and nothing is working.