W3C/HTML5 API References

DOM, Forms and Styles

Specification Description Status *
HTML5 Forms (Partial) HTML5 form features. The content attribute currently not supported is:
  • formnovalidate of form element
Selectors API Level 1 API for retrieving Element nodes from the DOM by matching against a group of selectors LCWD
Selectors API Level 2 (Partial) API for retrieving Element nodes from the DOM by matching against a group of selectors, and for testing if a given element matches a particular selector. The methods currently not supported are:
  • queryScopedSelector, queryScopedSelectorAll of NodeSelector interface
  • matchesSelector of Element interface
Media Queries (Partial) Offers a mechanism that allows adapting the layout and behavior of a Web page based on some of the characteristics of the device, including the screen width/height. The query currently not supported is:
  • color-index, min-color-index, max-color-index, resolution, scan, print, 3d-glasses, grid
CSS Transforms CSS transforms allows elements styled with CSS to be transformed in two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. WD
CSS Animations Module Level 3 CSS Animations allow an author to modify CSS property values over time. WD
CSS Transitions Module Level 3 (Partial) CSS Transitions allow property changes in CSS values to occur smoothly over a specified duration. The method and attribute currently not supported are:
  • initTransitionEvent of TransitionEvent interface
  • pseudoElement of TransitionEvent interface
CSS Color Module Level 3 CSS3 color enhancements related to color values and properties for foreground color and group opacity REC
CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 3 Rounded corners, complex background images, shadow effects. CR
CSS Flexible Box Layout Module CSS box model optimized for user interface design. LCWD
CSS Multi-column Layout Module (Partial) Creates multiple columns for laying out text. The property currently not supported is:
  • column-fill
The values currently not supported are:
  • column, avoid-page and avoid-column of properties break-before and break-after
  • avoid-page and avoid-column of property break-inside
CSS Text Module Level 3 (Partial) CSS properties for text manipulation and specifies their processing model. The properties currently not supported are:
  • text-justify, text-decoration-color, text-decoration-line, text-decoration-style, text-decoration-skip, hanging-punctuation
CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3 (CSS3 UI) User interface related CSS enhancements. LCWD
CSS Fonts Module Level 3 (Partial) @font-face rule with downloadable font src URL. The features currently not supported are:
  • font-feature-settings, font-language-override, font-synthesis, font-variant-alternates, font-variant-caps, font-variant-east-asian, font-variant-numeric, font-variant-position, font-size-adjust, font-stretch
WOFF File Format 1.0 Web Open Font Format: File Format 1.0. PR
DOM/JavaScript related HTML5 Enhancements Handy DOM/JavaScript related enhancements in HTML5. LCWD


Specification Description Status *
Touch Events version 1 (Partial) W3C touch event specification for touch devices. The method currently not supported is:
  • identifiedTouch of TouchList interface
DeviceOrientation Event Specification (Partial) Provides access to orientation and acceleration data. The method and event currently not supported are:
  • initAccelerometerEvent of DeviceMotionEvent interface
  • compassneedscalibration event
  • Required feature:
Battery Status API W3C Battery API defines new DOM event types that provide information about the battery status of the hosting device. CR
Vibration API Haptic feedback API from W3C. LCWD
HTML5 Browser state Signals when network connectivity is available to the Web environment LCWD
The Screen Orientation API To provide an interface for web applications to be able to read the screen orientation state, to be informed when this state changes and to be able to lock the screen orientation to a specific state WD
The Network Information API W3C Network Information API provides an interface for the Web Applications to access the underlying network information (connection info) of the device. WD


Specification Description Status *
HTML5 The canvas element (Partial) HTML5 canvas element including 2D context and text. The method currently not supported is:
  • toBlob of HTMLCanvasElement interface
HTML Canvas 2D Context (Partial) 2D Context for the HTML canvas element. The methods currently not supported are:
  • drawSystemFocusRing, drawCustomFocusRing, scrollPathIntoView of CanvasRenderingContext2D interface
HTML5 SVG Inline SVG (1.1) support in HTML5 LCWD


Specification Description Status *
HTML5 The video element (Partial) HTML5 video element. The attributes currently not supported are:
  • startOffsetTime and videoTracks of HTMLMediaElement interface
HTML5 The audio element (Partial) HTML5 audio element. The attributes currently not supported are:
  • startOffsetTime and audioTracks of HTMLMediaElement interface
getUserMedia (Partial) API that directly manipulates streams from cameras and microphones. The dictionary member currently not supported is:
  • audio of MediaStreamOptions dictionary
Web Audio API (Partial) W3C Web Audio API describes a high-level JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio in Web Applications. The interfaces and attribute currently not supported are:
  • MediaElementAudioSourceNode and MediaStreamAudioSourceNode interfaces
  • computedValue of AudioParam interface
The enum string constant value currently not supported for panningModel attribute is:
  • SOUNDFIELD of PanningModelType enum
HTML Media Capture Capture and record multimedia content with input tag.
  • Required feature:


Specification Description Status *
The WebSocket API Offers bi-directional network connectivity. CR
XMLHttpRequest Level 2 Enhancements on XHR, including binary file uploading, formdata submission, transfer progress, etc. WD
HTML5 The session history of browsing contexts (Partial) Navigating the sequence of documents in a browsing context. The methods currently not supported are:
  • resolveURL of Location interface
  • initPopStateEvent of PopStateEvent interface
  • initPageTransitionEvent of PageTransitionEvent interface
Server-Sent Events The API allows triggering DOM events based on push notifications(via HTTP and other protocols). WD
HTML5 Web Messaging HTML5 Web Messaging. The postMessage API allows for Web Applications to communicate between each other. CR


Specification Description Status *
Web Storage W3C storage specification including session and local storage. CR
File API Reads files from local device file system. WD
File API: Directories and System API that allows accessing the device file system. WD
File API: Writer (Partial) Saves or modifies files in local device file system. The interface and method currently not supported are:
  • FileSaver interface
  • saveAs of Window interface
HTML5 Application caches HTML5 application cache and custom handlers. LCWD
Indexed Database API (Partial) A database of values and hierarchical objects that integrates naturally with JavaScript, and can be queried and updated very efficiently. The attributes and method currently not supported are:
  • oldVersion, newVersion of IDBVersionChangeEvent interface
  • initIDBVersionChangeEvent of IDBVersionChangeEvent interface
Web SQL Database API for storing data in databases that can be queried using a variant of SQL. Note


Specification Description Status *
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Sharing of resources across different domains. LCWD
HTML5 The iframe element Access restriction (sandboxing) for iframe content. The available values of sandbox attribute are:
  • allow-same-origin, allow-scripts, allow-forms, allow-top-navigation
Content Security Policy 1.0 (Partial) Defines a policy language used to declare a set of content restrictions for a web resource, and a mechanism for transmitting the policy from a server to a client where the policy is enforced. The directive currently not supported is:
  • object-src


Specification Description Status *
Clipboard API and events (Partial) To describe APIs for clipboard operations such as copy, cut & paste in web applications.
  • The constructor of ClipboardEvent interface is not supported.
HTML5 Drag and drop (Partial) To define an event-based drag-and-drop mechanism. The method currently not supported is:
  • addElement of DataTransfer interface
Web Notifications (Partial) To define an API for displaying simple notifications to the user. The dictionary members currently not supported are:
  • titleDir, bodyDir of NotificationOptions dictionary

Performance and Optimization

Specification Description Status *
Web Workers (Partial) API that allows Web application authors to spawn background workers running scripts in parallel to their main page. The event handlers, interfaces and attributes currently not supported are:
  • ononline, onoffline of WorkerGlobalScope interface
  • SharedWorkerGlobalScope and SharedWorker interfaces
  • lineno, filename of ErrorEvent interface
Page Visibility This specification defines a means for developers to programmatically determine the current visibility state of the page in order to develop power and CPU efficient Web applications. CR
Timing control for script-based animations Resource effective animation timing control by user agent. LCWD
This specification defines an interface for web applications to access timing information related to navigation and elements. REC


Specification Description Status *
Geolocation API Specification Provides scripted access to geographical location information associated with the hosting device. PR


Specification Description Status *
Widget Packaging and XML Configuration A packaging format and metadata for a class of software known as widgets. REC
Widget Interface API for widgets that provides, amongst other things, functionality for accessing a widget's metadata and persistently storing data. LCWD
XML Digital Signatures for Widgets A profile of the XML Signature Syntax and Processing 1.1 specification to allow a widget package to be digitally signed. PR
Widget Access Request Policy The security model controlling network access from within a widget, as well as a method for authors to request that the user agent grant access to certain network resources or sets thereof. REC


* W3C Specification Status
  • ED = Editor’s Draft
  • WD = Working Draft
  • LCWD = Last Call Working Draft
  • CR = Candidate Recommendation
  • PR = Proposed Recommendation
  • REC = Recommendation


The APIs in ED, WD, LC status are considered to be in preliminary state. Such APIs do not carry a version compatibility promise. They may change in future versions of Tizen if the specifications change.