Terminating Applications

This topic describes how you can implement an application exit: through user interaction, or internally based on the application logic.

When the user exits a SSSP application, JavaScript execution is paused, and the current application state is not stored. When the application is launched again, the application state is reset.


If you do not want the application to terminate, but only hide in the background, implement Multitasking.

Implementing the Exit

There are 2 ways to terminate a SSSP application:

  • Through user interaction, when the user long-presses the remote control "Return/Exit" key.

    Figure 1. "Return/Exit" key

    Figure 1. "Return/Exit" key


    Long-pressing the "Return/Exit" key forces the application to terminate. Do not register the "Return/Exit" key long-press.

  • Based on the application logic, by calling the exit() method

    The getCurrentApplication().exit() method of the Application API terminates the application.


    Call this method to implement the "Yes" button on an exit confirmation popup.

Return Key Policy

The Samsung Apps SSSP policy defines requirements for the implementation of the "Return/Exit" key click:

  • From a detail page within an application, clicking the "Return/Exit" key must display the previous page.
  • From the home page of an application, clicking the "Return/Exit" key must display an exit confirmation popup.
    The application is only terminated if the user clicks "Yes" in the popup.

Figure 2. "Return/Exit" key click process

Figure 2. "Return/Exit" key click process


You must make the application exit confirmation popup independently, using an HTML element.