Packaging a Tizen KIOSK App


Creating application package is required for submitting application to the app store.
To create new application, see Tizen Web App
Samsung Tizen KIOSK doesn't support direct installation of package file. You should use SDK to launch your application on KIOSK.

For application packaging via ?œBuild Signed Package? option, certificate is mandatory.
To know how to create a certificate click Registering certificate

Tizen web application is packed as .wgt file. Package is used to install, uninstall or update application. Package is zip archive file, and it includes source codes of application and signature data.

To publish application in the app store, application should be packed inside .wgt file.

Build and create wgt package

Build and create wgt package

To install and run .wgt application on device click -How to install and run App on KIOSK