Tizen Web Device API References

The Tizen Web Device APIs can be used on any device supporting Tizen.

You can develop rich Web applications using the Tizen Web Device APIs.

  • Base

    Table 1. Base APIs
    API Description Since
    Archive You can create, view, and extract files from archive files. 2.4
    Filesystem API You can access the files and directories in the device file system. 2.4
    Tizen You can access basic definitions used in the Tizen Web Device API. 2.4
  • Application Framework

    Table 2. Application Framework APIs
    API Description Since
    Alarm You can set and unset system alarms. 2.4
    Application You can access information about currently-running and installed applications, and control the applications. 2.4
    DataControl You can access specific data exported by other applications. 2.4
    MessagePort You can communicate with other applications. 2.4
    Package You can install and uninstall packages, and retrieve information about installed packages. 2.4
  • Content

    Table 3. Content APIs
    API Description Since
    Content You can discover multimedia content, such as images, videos, and music, on the device. 2.4
    Download You can download remote objects using HTTP requests. 2.4
    Exif You can retrieve and manipulate EXIF data from JPEG files. 2.4
  • Network

    Table 4. Network APIs
    API Description Since
    Iotcon You can connect IoT devices. 3.0
  • Security

    Table 5. Security APIs
    API Description Since
    KeyManager You can secure a repository for keys, certificates, and sensitive data of users and/or their applications. 2.4
  • System

    Table 6. System APIs
    API Description Since
    SystemInfo You can retrieve information about device capabilities, such as the display, network, and storage. 2.4
    Time You can access information about and manage the date, time, and time zone. 2.4
    WebSetting You can manage the Web view properties. 2.4
  • UIX

    Table 7. UIX APIs
    API Description Since
    VoiceControl You can set voice commands and to control the web application through their voices. 4.0
  • TV Controls

    Table 8. TV Controls APIs
    API Description Since
    TVAudioControl You can control the Smart Signage audio. 2.4
    TVDisplayControl You can manage stereoscopic 3D effects for SSSP signals. 2.4
    TVInfo You can get information about SSSP setting. 2.4
    TVInputDevice You can handle key presses from input devices, such as a remote control. 2.4
    TVWindow You can control SSSP windows, such as a PiP window. 2.4

  • The TVInfo of Samsung Product APIs is more detailed than the TVInfo of Tizen Web Device APIs. When getting information about SSSP setting, refer to the Samsung Product API TVInfo API.
  • Samsung Smart Signages do not support the Push API of Messaging category among Tizen Web Device APIs for SSSP Profile.