4K UHD Video Support

This topic describes how to implement 4K UHD video playback in web application.

Samsung Smart Signage support 4K UHD video playback. Video in 4K UHD has a resolution of 3840x2160 px.

Only some media formats can be played in 4K UHD resolution on SSSP. The following table lists the frame and bit rate limitations for the codecs supporting 4K UHD video.

Table 1. Codecs supporting 4K UHD video
Codec Frame Rate Bit Rate
H.264 BP/MP/HP 24 fps 40 mbps
HEVC (H.265) 60 fps 80 mbps
Motion JPEG 30 fps 80 mbps
VP9 24fps 20 mbps

For more information on the supported codecs, see Specifications.

To implement 4K UHD video playback:

  1. Implement video playback using the AVPlay API. For more information, see Using AVPlay.

  2. While the AVPlay instance is in the IDLE state, call the setStreamingProperty() method and set the SET_MODE_4K property to TRUE:

    // call setStreamingProperty() before prepare()
    webapis.avplay.setStreamingProperty("SET_MODE_4K", "TRUE");