Remote Web Inspector


Real-time App Debugging (RWI)

This section shows the method to launch RWI for the web application running on target.


To use the Remote Web Inspector, you need:

PC and TV connected in same network: The network should be of same domain in PC and in TV.

Studio setup in your PC connected with TV

Web Browser (chrome, safari) on your PC

Register Certificate
Refer the guide for certificate registration in above section.

Settings on Target

At target side we need to make the Developer Mode ON settings. For this

  • Go to URL Launcher Settings -> Developer Mode -> ON
  • Enter the IP address of the server you want to connect and press OK
  • Now on Tizen Studio end, goto Tools -> Device Manager and Open Remote Device Manager
  • Enter the Device name (any string of your choice) , IP of Target and click Save.
  • Connect the target and make the connection ON as shown below
  • After above step, you can see the entry showing the device connection is successful in the “Device Manager” as shown in below image
  • Now in tizen studio, right click the application and launch it as Debug As->Tizen Web Application. The RWI window will automatically get opened at the server PC
    Debug As -> Tizen Web Application

    Debug As -> Tizen Web Application

Debugging on Target
After this remote Debugging Process will start and we are able to inspect web application on target device.