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Getting Started

Getting Started

Introduction to Tizen Hotel TV       

Tizen Hotel TV is more secure and robust platform for application development with fast and more capable hardware. Tizen hotel TV is having superior web graphics performance of 42 fps. It also poses 3 layer security model.Tizen is a cross-architecture, open source software platform based on a comprehensive standards-based HTML5 implementation. The new Software Developer Kit (SDK) allows partner developers to develop customized solutions with standard web Application Program Interfaces (APIs) of an open source platform to support their customer’s needs.

In addition, the newly provided Web Application Emulator empowers SI Partners to be able to simply run, debug and test their web application running on TV from their computer screen instead of needing to test it on a physical display screen.Tizen provides an excellent experience for both 
native and HTML5 application developers. Programmers acquainted with web programming can develop cost effective applications in a short time with Tizen.

Tizen was designed to be efficient and scalable, and to be used for virtually any type of device with a screen and a network connection. 
Platform developers who are building embedded devices are encouraged to use Tizen as a base platform, and take advantage of years of engineering and tuning.







The new 2017 Tizen Hotel TV platform ensures stronger, faster and more stable performance than its previous models. Beyond hardware performance enhancement, it enables partners to develop and deploy advanced web applications which can help to effectively manage contents for their customers.


Operating Principle

Orsay redirection based model

Orsay supports redirection of HTML pages. At the boot-up time, home page is loaded which contains the links to child pages which can be loaded by redirecting to next page URL. Orsay application model is request-response based. TV as client send the request for next page and server provides the HTML page & associated image contents (resources). Loading next page from server adds 



Orsay redirection-based model


Tizen Model (.wgt downloaded & Redirection)

Tizen supports the package based application model. When URL is set, TV will send  initial request for downloading WGT file. WGT package includes everything – HTML files, associated Java-script  &  image resources. The application version is defined by the config.xml file. SDK makes a package and bundle it as a .wgt file. WGT application can redirect to any HTML from server with condition that it should not have any Tizen API included. (Add access origin in config.xml file as: )





Tizen WGT-based & redirection model




Robust hardware

Tizen Hotel TV is build using very superior hardware. Following tables shows the details about hardware specifications.



Hardware details


Strong SDK & simulator

Tizen application can be developed in Tizen SDK only. SDK sign the application with certain certificates which HTV verifies before launching the application. Using the SDK, the developer can add the privileges for using APIs. In case of Tizen Hotel TV, application needs config.xml for controlling application versioning.


Remote web inspector

Web inspector helps in application debugging to identify the potential issues in the app. To use the Remote Web Inspector, you need PC and TV connected in same network. The network should be of same domain in PC and in TV. Tizen Studio setup in your PC connected with TV & Web Browser (chrome, safari) on your PC. We will cover this topic in details in separate section.


High resolution graphics 1920x1080

The graphics resolution of Orsay Hotel TV is 1280x720 where as Tizen provides the superior graphics resolution of 1920x1080 as default resolution. Developer can configure for lower resolution. Resolution can be controlled by viewport. e.g. 


Change URL remotely

Tizen Hotel TV supports changing the server URL. API have been provided for changing the server URL. Developer can use the API and trigger the URL change when needed. For example, server send a DCMP command (fwd message) and application receive a message for changing URL, then API can be called for changing the URL.


New implementation method (error-callbacks)

Tizen provides the new strong method for application development. The API call can register the error callbacks. The conditions can be handled in case of successful execution as well as in case of error. This makes the development model robust as its easy to determine the possible errors.