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    Dear Partners and Developers,

    We highly appreciate your continuous contribution to develop state-of-the-art solutions with Tizen platform.
    Hope our combined efforts will set SoC based solution as leading trend in B2B display industry.
    We're glad to introduce completely renewed Samsung D Forum to SSSP/H-Browser developers. Samsung D Forum
    has been renovated to minimize the development effort and maximize the output.  Major component of these
    improvements is API documentation which is mainly based on developer's VoCs and communications in past
    few years.  At the same time, other components like Introduction, Download and Community have also been
    touched up to a good extent.
    Brief explanation about modifications to each component can be found as below.


    Main home page

    Home Page has been redesigned as New Icons added for each Category and overall Tone & Manner was modified

    using Samsung blue color.



    SSSP version wise Separate pages have been unified to one item based on the key features contained by Platform.



    Developers' guide modification has been the major component of this renewal so that Developers' can have a better

    experience while exploring API Documentation or looking for particular development guidance for implementation.

    Specifically, API Categorization(Product API, Tizen Web Device API, W3C/HTML5 API and B2B API) has been highly

    improved to get accurate information. Details about API arguments along with related Code Snippets have been

    modified. This improvement is capable of covering entire feature set of the Platform.

    We have tried our best to meet Partners' expectations through this endeavor.



    Developers can access latest version of SDK uploaded by directly by accessing this page instead of having

    to stuck with stale version of SDK on previous version.



    Community section has been improved as :

    News → News & Updates (Regular and urgent notifications are published and listed in this menu)

    FAQ have been classified based on technology instead of Platform Version in older portal.

    Q&A menu for Ticket Registration Process has been kept as it is.


    In case you have any queries or concerns related to the documents or the application,

    feel free to connect with a respective Samsung representatives.


    Best Regards

    Samsung Tizen Team