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    Where can I download new firmware?

    Answer: Firmware for LFD screens is not available to public.


    Our Partners can always download the newest stable version from SLM (GSBN) website:

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    Which version of Firmware supports SSSP?

    2013 C-series Firmware version 1002.0 and newer supports SSSP.

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    Screen ID for sendLFDMsg() in SSSP3.0



    I am trying to run my code from SSSP 2.0 on SSSP 3.0 models. It seems that sendLFDMsg() command does not execute. How to solve it?





    First of all, please upgrade your firmware. Between FW 1000 - 1018 there was new system requirement - the ID number from sendLFDMsg parameter had to be exactly the same as on LFD (it can be found using remote control Home->ID Settings). Default is '00', but if some screen has that set to different number, then MDC command did not work.


    In current FW this requirement has gone, and MDC commands (using sendLFDMsg()) works in the same way as in SSSP2.0.

    That means the MDC command will be executed even if ID numbers will not match.

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    Can I calibrate the color for HTML content?

    It is not possible to calibrate color for HTML content.  Calibration will only affect video content and image content played through a plugin.

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    How to check LFD plugin working f/w?

    Refer to LFD API’s “PluginInfo” it

    is possible to check LFD Plugin version. If
    it does not return Version information

    or error happen, the LFD firmware is not
    supporting LFD plugin. Then check

    available firmware update exist.

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    How to get Room Number through API?

    Currently there is no API to get the Room number from TV. But you get the room number through SDAP command.