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    Can I use Samsung B2B Display SDK on the MAC OS?

    Samsung supports various OS environment, please check more info here

  • SDK
    Do I have to uninstall existing SDK to install other version?

    Yes, if you have installed the SDK, you need to uninstall it before install the other version.

  • SDK
    Do you support C++ in the SDK?

    No, Samsung platform only supports web technologies based apps (JS, CSS, HTML)

  • SDK
    Where can I download the latest SDK version?

    To download the latest SDK, go to Samsung Developer Forum > SDK > SDK Download or you can click following link, SDK Download.

  • SDK
    Which SDK works best with which year model?

    SSSP4 B2B SDK 2.4 -> SSSP4.0 -> 2017 Models

    Smart B2B SDK 3.0 -> SSSP3.0 -> 2016 Models

    Smart B2B SDK 2.0 -> SSSP2.0 -> 2015 Models

    Smart B2B SDK 1.0 -> SSSP1.0 -> 2014 Models

    For more info, please check

  • SDK
    Why should I use the Samsung B2B Display Apps SDK?

    Samsung provides the Samsung B2B Display Apps SDK for developing Samsung B2B Display applications. It is equipped with a simulator with which the application can be tested before actually installing it in the TV, and so creating applications is easier using the SDK. The SDK also includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool that you can use for designing and creating the UI and all UI components.