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  • HTML5 and JavaScript
    Persistent video play over multiple page

    Persistent video play out over multiple pages. (Video play out initiated in the first html continues in the background for all subsequent page loads, until stopped explicitly)



    Not possible in H Browser. Need to create object in every page.

  • HTML5 and JavaScript
    HTML select fields supported on H Browser?

    Are HTML select fields supported on the H Browser? Also how about radio buttons and check boxes


    Select fields are not supported on H Browser.

    You need to implement your own code for this (using images/div).

  • HTML5 and JavaScript
    Progressive download of assets on html.

    Progressive download of assets on html page. The browser downloads and shows one asset at a time. ?


    Its browser behavior. You can use JavaScript pre-cache for images.

  • HTML5 and JavaScript
    JavaScript alert doesn't work.

    JavaScript alert doesn't work. It is tough to trouble shoot ?


    H Browser is not showing the alert messages. You can take the help from serial logs or

    You can create a blank HTML DIV and put your message text in white color in that at DIV.

  • HTML5 and JavaScript
    Overlapping html text/image over video.

    The H. Browser displayed on the top of the Video as a transparent window. So, when you develop the html pages, it will be rendered on the top of video.

    However the video play on the TV can be resized to any window size. It can be position at any location. That’s the logic for developing the video applications.



    Include in HTML File-


    <object id='pluginPlayer' border=0 classid='clsid:SAMSUNG-INFOLINK-PLAYER'></object>


    Include in Javascript file-


    var plugin = document.getElementById('pluginPlayer'); = 'block';


    var xx = 10;

    var yy = 20;

    var ww = 330;

    var hh = 440;


    //Define video window according to 960x540 for Video rendering

    plugin.SetDisplayArea(xx, yy, ww, hh);'absolute';


    var x= (1280/960)*xx;

    var y= (720/540)*yy;

    var w= (1280/960)*ww;

    var h= (720/540)*hh;

  =w+'px'; =h+'px'; = x+'px'; = y+'px';