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    Is it possible to change remote controller key functionality?

    Is it possible to make one key function as any other key??

    for e.g. Is it possible to make key1 to function as VOLUME_UP?


    Yes this can be done using the API 'SendKeyToTVViewer' API.

    1.Unregist the key whose function is to be simulated.

    2.Let key_1,be used for VOL_UP.
     -Declare the object in the html that will drive the API

      <object id='pluginObjectAppCommon' border=0 classid='clsid:SAMSUNG-INFOLINK-APPCOMMON' style='width:0px;height:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px;position:absolute;z-index:99;'></object>


     -Capture the object and use the API.

     pluginAppCommon = document.getElementById('pluginObjectAppCommon');

    3.Use the KEY_1 to function as VOL_UP.

    MainKeyHandler = function() {
     switch (keyCode) {
     case tvKey.KEY_1: 

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    Remote controller low battery status.

              Do you know if the Samsung remote control is sending a special IR code when the batteries are low?

    Do you know if it is possible to get this information in the TV from the H Browser?


    Currently there is no API to receive the Samsung remote control battery is low.

    Only BT Remote supported.

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    Does HOME key exits Screen Mirroring?

    No, this is achieved by RETURN/EXIT key.

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    What is the best way to identify key code?

              What is the best way to identify the key code of the RC key pressed? Is it possible to identify key codes with the

    Universal script below, rather than using the Samsung api. Can you pass me all the key codes?


    Identification of the key code


    In HTML File(inside <body> tag):

    <a href='JAVASCRIPT?void(0);' id='anchor'onkeydown='Main.keyDown();'></a>


    In JavaScript File:


    Line to be called on load of JS:



    Function called on ‘onkeydown’event:

    Main.keyDown() {

    var keyCode = event.keyCode;

    alert('Key Pressed = '+keyCode);/* Key Code can be seen in logs */

                      switch (keyCode) {

                       /*Cases for different keys here e.g.


                       case 5:/*Samsung Remote

                       KeyCode --- LEFT*/

                         //whatever you want to do....








    (Note: The Key Code detail (

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    How to block menu key, handle return key?

    To block Menu and return key, follow the below code:


    Include in HTML file:


    <script type='text/javascript' language='javascript' src='$MANAGER_WIDGET/Common/API/Plugin.js'></script>


    Include in javascript file:


    var pluginObj = new Common.API.Plugin();



    Handle Return Key-


    Main.MainKeyHandler = function() {

     var keyCode = event.keyCode;

                       switch(keyCode) {


                      case tvKey.KEY_RETURN :

                       widgetAPI.blockNavigation(event); // Handle return key







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    How to show cursor and move it using up, down, left, right buttons like in browsers?

    Mouse cursor shows when you insert the USB Mouse plug in TV.

    Also you can get the JavaScript mouse events for click.

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    How to "take control" of Samsung remote control

              We use the code below to program the actions associated to the remotes keys.

    But, we can't take control or insert some code/actions in some keys.

    For ex. - Power Button.


    - Source

    - HDMI


    To take control of Samsung remote control use registAllKey() API.

    Include in html file:


    <object id='pluginAppCommon' classid='clsid:SAMSUNG-INFOLINK-APPCOMMON' style='visibility:hidden; position: absolute; width: 0px; height: 0px;'></object>


    Include in javascript file:


    var pluginObj = document.getElementById('pluginAppCommon');

    pluginObj.registAllKey(); //register all keys inclucing Power Key


    After this these keycodes could be added to javascript keydown event handler.

    Use this code than recive to Source key,Power,HDMI code value.

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    Do not receive all key on the remote?

    The javascript application does not receive all keys pressed on the remote. Certain

    keys on the remote (eg 36, 38 )are not passed to the web application. The FW

    seems to be doing some kind of mapping before the keydown javascript event

    handler receives the function. Is it possible to listen to all remote key

    presses in javascript. ?


    To register all the keys of remocon you can

    use registAllKey API. By this you can get key codes of all keys.


    This will register all keys of remocon including POWER key,

    So you can unregister POWER key using unregistKey API.



    var pluginObj = new Common.API.Plugin();

    pluginObj.registAllKey(); //register all keys inclucing Power Key

    pluginObj.unregistKey(tvKey.KEY_POWER); //unregister Power Key

    pluginObj.unregistKey(tvKey.KEY_PANEL_POWER); //unregister Power Key