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  • Storage
    How does a file is downloaded and stored ?

     It is possible to download

    and store a file on device. The API name is 'StartDownFile'. This API

    takes the Server parameter from where you want download it(Source) and where to store

    it on device(destination), may be on USB or LFD's internal memory.


    pluginSef.StartDownFile(source, destination);



    Define the source and destination



    Source can be a server location such as: ServerIP+'/UI/TC_App/' or other memory location




    can be USB Disk attached to LFD Set($USB_DIR/sda1*/ DownFileName) or Internal memory of LFD(/mtd_down/common/DownFileName

    or /mtd_down/widgets/DownFileName).



    In case, user wants to save the downloaded file to USB

    Stick attached to LFD Set, the Destination path should be inserted very

    carefully. Since the destination path can be different as per the USB Stick

    being used, one need to follow the instructions below:



    Case 1:

    Only One usb stick is plugged in to LFD Set:




    Destination Path = $USB_DIR/sda/ or $USB_DIR/sda1/



    Case 2:

    Two usb sticks are plugged in to LFD Set:



          Destination Path = $USB_DIR/sda/ or $USB_DIR/sda1/ or $USB_DIR/sdb/ or $USB_DIR/sdb1/





    Please refer to attached sample application code.

  • Storage
    What is the preferred location for storage?

    The preferred location on internal memory is: “/mtd_down/common/”.

  • Storage
    Launching offline page without network?

    1. Create offline.html page


    2. Place it to /mtd_down/common/HospitalityBrowser/offline.html


    3. Add the code below:


    netPlugin.Open('Network', '1.000','Network');

      netPlugin.OnEvent = onEvent;

     function onEvent(event, data1, data2){


               switch (event)  { 

        case 2:


                     if(data1 == 0) {

                        location.href = 'file:///mtd_down/common/HospitalityBrowser/offline.html';





  • Storage
    Cache supported in Samsung H Browser?

    There is no cache maintain in HBrowser.