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  • Network and Security
    The app doesn't work with SSL certificate.

    SSSP4 supports TLS only, SSSP3~1 supports TLS & SSL V3.0

  • Network and Security
    Proxy support in LFD

    Question : Does the SSSP support Proxy servers?


    Answer : Proxy is supported in SSSP 2.0/3.0 only in 'Native App Mode'.

  • Network and Security
    Is it possible to clear the device list in the Bluetooth Music Player?

              Through SDAP Checkout command to clear the device history.


  • Network and Security
    Configure proxy internet connection

    Is it possible to configure a proxy to get an internet connection?



  • Network and Security
    Does the H Browser TV (2014 or 2015 model) support 802.1X wired authentication?

    Currently this feature is not supported.