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  • General
    Will Smart Signage be possible to upgrade from Tizen 2.4 to Tizen 3.0 through firmware upgrade?

    The upgrade is not possible.

  • General
    How to disable Timer in SSSP 4.0

    Please use TIMER_OFF parameter, as follows:

    b2bapis.b2bcontrol.setOffTimerRepeat("TIMER1", "00:00", "TIMER_OFF", "", onSuccess, onError); 

  • General
    Tizen app launching method
  • General
    Troubleshooting for WGT file build/installation

    In most cases where SSSP4.0 display is unable to install our WGT package, we simply need to reset the security profile settings. Probably you are using consumer TV security profile, instead of B2B profile.


    Please follow this steps for changing profile:


    1. Open SDK, Window->Preferences->Tizen SDK->Security Profiles and DELETE all profiles, certificates etc.

    2. Using same window, click Add to add new profile.

    3. Click on Set Active

    4. Generate the certificate

    5. Click on Apply. Click OK


    Now, you need to change application ID again (because it is sticked to the profile)



    1. Open config.xml

    2. Go to Tizen Tab

    3. Click Generate button

    4. Ctrl + S

    5. Build new WGT.

  • Account
    How can I get emails from the forum?

    When you create Samsung Account, please click below if want to get emails.



    But if already registered at SDF-B2B without clicking, then please follow below steps.


















  • General
    Can I run application directly from USB to Samsung B2B Display?

    Please follow the steps below.

    1. Place the *.wgt file and sssp_config.xml(attached here) together inside the specific folder named by 'SSSP' created on the USB Root as below:


    2. Modify the sssp_config.xml with name(replace AVVideo with name of web app) of wgt file you want to run and save.

    3. Attach USB to Panel

    4. Select option Install from USB Device

    5. You will see the downloading starts with Progress Bar and the Application will Launch after showing information POP-UP on screen.

  • General
    How to check the firmware version?

    Please check below link.

    'Samsung Product APIs Reference'

  • Multimedia
    Samsung B2B Display Media Spec

    Please check below link.

  • Network and Security
    The app doesn't work with SSL certificate.

    SSSP4 supports TLS only, SSSP3~1 supports TLS & SSL V3.0

  • SDK
    Can I use Samsung B2B Display SDK on the MAC OS?

    Samsung supports various OS environment, please check more info here