How to Join Kids / Fitness

How to Join Kids / Fitness

For Operating service & Content recommendation on Kids/Fitness service,
metadata is required. By uploading metadata as content subject, content type, description,
you can show more information to users about your apps on Kids/Fitness service.

What is Kids/Fitness Service?

“Kids” service brings kids and parents an easy and safe way to enjoy their favorite contents.Provides a wide variety of fun and safe content for children

  • Provides a wide variety of fun and safe content for children
  • Lets parents create custom playlists for their children easily
  • Allows parents to check their kids’ viewing history and manage their watching time

"Fitness" is unified fitness care service with a variety of exercise apps.

  • Provides fitness contents from various providers with feedback on calories burn
  • Motivates users through goal setting and exercise tracking menu
  • Allows synchronization with fitness accessories and mobile apps

How to join Kids/Fitness Service

In order to join Kids/Fitness service, you need to contract your local Samsung Content Manager first and be granted Partner status on the Samsung D Forum.

After signing an agreement with your local Content Manager, click the link below to get the Kids/Fitness Development Guidelines & sample App Files. (The link for download is available for Partner CP only. Sample app of Fitness will be ready soon.)

In accordance with Guidelines, First, Follow the general app development & certification process. Next, upload Metadata to CP Admin.

What is a metaDB & CP Admin?

In order to display 3rd party content within the Kids/Fitness services and provide content recommendation, it is necessary for Samsung to have access to metadata regarding this content, such as the type, description and duration of each video. This ensures the user gets relevant information on all videos in a unified format.

CP Admin is the website where you can upload the required Metadata for Kids/Fitness services and also get information about the Metadata on the Q&A page.