Activity Policy

Activity Policy

As you use the Samsung Smart TV Apps Developer Forum to ask and answer questions,
you’ll earn activity point,
which appear on your profile page and next to your id. Find out detailed
activity point policy from here and gain more reputation from others.


Activity Point(AP) will be applied based upon your activity within the Samsung Smart TV Apps Developers Forum site and will represents you as a different activity level. The AP will occur from the action you take within our site such as login, download SDK, write post, participation status, user feedback and your reputation from other members.

Activity Point Guide

Activity Point Guide Action Category
Action Point
Login Point + 10
Give UP vote to other members post
(max 1 UP for each post)
Point + 10
Register site for the first time Point + 100
SDK DOWNLOAD (for each version) Point + 300
Activity Point Guide Participate Category
Participate Point
Rate each page Point + 10
SDK Bug Report & feedback (once a day) Point + 10
Participate any contest (per contest) Point + 300
When your partnership request is approved Point + 500
Activity Point Guide
Write Point
Write Post
(deduct point when deleted)
Point + 50
Write Reply
(deduct point when deleted)
Point + 50
Rate each page
– Write detailed feedback
Point + 50
Activity Point Guide
Reputation Point
Other member write reply on your post Point + 50
for every
Other member vote UP your post (Post or Reply) Point + 10
for every
Other member bookmarked your post
(No point deduction when deleted)
Point + 50
Other member bookmarked you
(No point deduction when deleted)
Point + 100

Activity Level Guide

Required Activity Point

AP = Activity Point

100 AP

<AP Example>
  • Register – 100 AP

400 AP

<AP Example>
  • Register – 100 AP
  • Login – 10 AP
  • SDK download – 300 AP

1200 AP

<AP Example>
  • Register – 100 AP
  • Login 10 times – 100 AP
  • SDK Download (Different version)
    – 600 AP
  • Write Post/Reply once – 100 AP
  • 2 Replies on my post – 100 AP
  • Give others post UP 10 times – 100 AP
  • Rate 10 pages – 100 AP
Level Information

Level 1

First level when you register for the site Able to write on the forum
(Post/Reply) Unable to UP / DOWN

Level 2

Able to UP / DOWN post and reply

Level 3

Able to give 2 UP for each post/Reply