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What is the Samsung Smart TV SDK ?

The Samsung Smart TV SDK is the perfect tool to create and edit Samsung Smart TV applications. It provides everything you need. It contains an intuitive UI and Powerful easy to use features for you.  The Samsung Smart TV SDK offers three main benefits such as easy code editing, easy visual editing and fast packing. It will make your works faster and easier.

SDK Versions

SDK Version Table
Version Major Updates & Main Features Release Date
SDK 5.1  - Multi Application Support: Developers can test the onPause() and onResume() events in the Emulator. 
 - PNaCl Update : PNaCl has been updated to pepper_31 
 - MultiScreen API Update: The MultiScreen API has been updated to the latest version. 
 - Network & Proxy Settings Menu: Enabled developers to set the IP address and proxy settings for the Emulator. 
 - CAPH UI Designer: A new tool for visually creating the CAPH UIs. 
 - Device Debugger: A tool for debugging applications running on the TV device. 
 - PNaCl Update : PNaCl has been updated to pepper_31 
 - Semantic Mashup: IDE extension for integrating semantic services into Smart TV applications.

SDK 5.0

- PNaCl : Create fast and powerfulapplication using C/C++ with support for Google’s Portable Native Client(PNaCl) feature

- MultiScreen : APIs for Multiscreen functionalityare now supported in the Emulator
- SmartHome : Initial support for APIs for homeappliance convergence

- Caph (WebUI Framework) : A fast JavaScript framework for creating UI elements for SmartTV applications

- Closed Caption : CC support has been added to complywith FCC regulations.

- Debugging : Web App debugging with Web Inspector

- Browser based development environment (New releases)

  : Tool for creatingSmart TV applications via a web-browser tool (requires Chrome browser)

SDK 4.5

 - NaCl supports for Google Native Client (NaCl) has been added to the IDE and the Emulator
 - AIR 3.0 Support in Emulator
  Emulator : The VirtualBox-based Emulator is now used for all platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.
                  The Windows.EXE Emulator has been deprecated.


SDK 3 Benefits

Code Editing

Easy Code Editing generates Four Advantages.
Samsung Smart TV SDK provides easy code editing, which generates four advantages. First, it offers easy access for your project document. Second, the Samsung Smart TV leads automatic code and completion and syntax highlighting, which is available from the Script Storage and Functions and Classes panels at your convenience. Third, the Samsung Smart TV toolbars allow you to insert common components and formatting quickly. Fourth, the Samsung Smart TV recreates the TV environment on your computer.

Visual Editing

Samsung Smart TV SDK provides Easy visual editing
Samsung Smart TV SDK provides Easy visual editing, 1) viewing a visual preview of your app, 2) clicking and drag common app components from the Component panel into the Editing window, 3) resizing and arranging your components and inspecting the specific properties of each component in the Properties panel, and 4) modifying components easily by rulers, grid lines and arrangement/alignment. The Samsung Smart TV SDK provides a Scenes panel to help you manage scenes as the scenes are divided to similar scenes in a film or a flash movie.


You can test your app in the TV emulator
Once you have designed your app in the Samsung Smart TV SDK, you can test it in the TV emulator and package it for use on an actual Samsung Smart TV. The packaging feature combines your files and language resources and puts them in a zip file. Then it can automatically load the file onto your server.