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SOLUTION A Warm Welcome to all Samsung Professional Display Platform

  • SSSP6

    Fully compatible platform with ECMA6 powered by Tizen4.0

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  • SSSP5

    Enhanced support UHD resolutions powered by Tizen 3.0

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  • SSSP4

    A Robust Digital Signage Platform for CMS Partners Powered by Tizen2.4

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  • Tizen Hotel TV

    New Tizen Hotel TV powered by Tizen4.0

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MEMBERSHIP JOIN SDF B2B Membership Join Process

  1. step 1

    NDA Signing with local Subsidiary

  2. step 2

    Samsung Account Sign-up

  3. step 3

    SDF B2B Sign in

  • * STEP 1 and 2 are required before SDF B2B Membership request.
  • * STEP 3 Personal e-mail is not available. Must sign up by the company’s e-mail account that is contracted NDA with Samsung.


ATizen Studio is the official IDE for developing web applications and
native applications for Tizen.