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Samsung TIZEN TV

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News New Sample and Guide has been updated (07-AUG-2015) * Guide Update1. How to Register Certificate information how to share author certificate to team2. User Input Information as Latest3. Subtitle (Closed Caption) Guide known bug issue about subtitle sync4. MultiScreen SDK 2.0 MultiScreen SDK 2.0 API as child document.5. App Migration pdf file in most bottom part is updated (v1.07 -> v1.10)* New Sample AvailableSamples are updated in GitHub.Follow Register Key Sample IME (Text Input) (On Screen Keyboard) Sample AVPlay (Video Play) Sample Subtitle (Closed Caption) Sample Device Information Sample File/Directory Browse Sample Content API Sample Archive API Sample Alarm API Sample App to App (Launch other app) Sample MessagePort API Sample Multiscreen SDK 2.0 Sample TV Window API (PIP) Sample TV Channel Sample* If you want to suggest new sample or guide, please write post on forum.

What Is Caph ?

Develop High Performance Web Application Easily and Quickly.

News CAPH 2.1.1 has been released Dear Partners and Developers, Samsung Electronics is pleased to release CAPH 2.1.1.CAPH provides developers with an effective web UI framework for developing high-performance web application.The Samsung Tizen SDK and Emulator include CAPH, so you can develop your web app with CAPH included in the SDK or emulator.CAPH 2.1.1 has new features and bug-fixes compared with CAPH 2.1.0* New Features * Stripe theme Reference App ( * Stripe theme Showcase ( * Creation of separate CSS files for each resolution (1080P,720P, Auto) * Fixed bugs * Focus Manager bug fix * Common UI Components : Some fixes in APIs of List, List Menu, List Text * Stripe Theme (Tizen UX) : Some fixes in APIs of Dropdown List, Input Box, Popup, Popup Menu, Rating   * Scene Manager: Code Refactoring, Change of Scene State and Life Cycle Naming * Etc... * Namespace of Service Widget APIs are changedGetting CAPH : Developers can download CAPH at the CAPH Download Page.We provide CAPH in three types and a Reference app: Caph Full Package : caph.stripe-full-2.1.1-150302.zipCaph Base Package : caph-2.1-150302.zipCaph Theme Package : caph.theme.stripe-2.1.1-150302.zipCaph Stripe Theme Reference App :> hope you can improve your web application through CAPH.Sincerely,Your CAPH Team.